Collings MT2 Mandolin Custom Sunburst Finish ID-10301

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13 7/8"
Nut Width:
1 1/8"
Engelmann Spruce
Figured Maple

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Collings MT2 Mandolin

Collings MT2 Mandolin Custom Sunburst Finish

As Bill Collings will tell you, "it's not about the tools, it's the mentality of the people building the guitars that matters". This attentive thought goes into every instrument that comes out of the factory.

Collings mandolins are built at Bill Colling’s shop in Austin, Texas and exhibit the same extremely high quality found on all Collings instruments. It is because of this attention to detail that Collings is able to produce a mandolin with such great projection of tone and playability.

The MT2 is a fully appointed A-model with a seasoned Red spruce top and premium maple back and sides. With its superb tone, elegant stylings and unmatched playability, the MT2 is sure to please the most discerning eyes and ears.

Adirondack Spruce is highly responsive without requiring a heavy pick attack. This tonewood is known for warm, lush, thick sounds with a smooth high end and punchy midrange. It doesn't need to be played hard to sound great, although it handles heavy playing quite well too.

The Adirondack Spruce top is coupled with a gorgeous set of Birdseye Maple. This combonation makes for a sweeter, brighter and higher-pitched Mandolin with a full spectrum of sound.

F hole mandolins project better, with a clearer and more cutting sound while still delivering an even bass sound and resonance.

The Collings MT is undoubtedly one of the best instruments out there in a professional quality A-style mandolin. From the pop-country style of Taylor Swift to the Speedy Bluegrass picking this mandolin can do it all.

This mandolin is a great piece to add to any players collection!!

Check out such Players as Jesse Cobb  Eddie Vedder  Bryan McDowell playing these fine instruments.

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