Collings MT2V Custom Mandolin Tangerine Burst with Varnish Finish Pre-Owned 2014 ID-8542

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13 7/8"
Nut Width:
Custom: 1 3/16"
Adirondack Spruce
Premium Figured Maple

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Collings MT2V

Collings MT2V

The MT2 V is Collings' fully appointed A-model, built with an Adirondack Red Spruce top and premium Birdseye Maple back and sides and finished with a hand-rubbed varnish.

The luthiers at Collings use an alkyd resin varnish on their varnish finished mandolins and guitars. It does not have the sheen or gloss of lacquer, but has a deeper looking luster like early oil varnishes from the 1800s or the early Loar instruments.

The process takes a lot more time, both in application and drying, and is certainly not conducive to volume production. The difference in tone, however, more than make up for this. The varnish creates a faster response with deeper and warmer treble, and a greater overall dynamic range.

This mandolin has a tone that is rich in low mids and very smooth in the treble range. The Varnish finish makes the Collings MT2 that much warmer, making the tone sound much deeper with lots of warmth and definition.

A custom nut width of 1 3/16" gives your left hand plenty of room to fret notes cleanly and accurately and is especially nice when transitioning from guitar to a mandolin.

This Collings MT2V also features Waverly mandolin tuners with Ebony buttons, Tortoise body, peghead and pickguard binding with b/w purfling, and a gorgeous Tangerine Burst, which aside from being both functional and visual, actually balances the tone when recordings, similar to engaging a high-pass filter on the microphone. It reduces proximity effect, or the boominess that can arise when recording close miked.

This Collings MT2V Custom Mandolin Tangerine Burst with Varnish Finish Pre-Owned 2014 is in Excellent + Condition with only one very small ding on the top of the mandolin. This Mandolin was very well looked after and taken care of.

Includes Original Hardshell Case.

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Collings MT2V