Composite Acoustics Baritone HG CBB Pre-Owned 2009 ID-10663

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28 1/4"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber

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2009 Composite Acoustics Baritone HG CBB

Composite Acoustics, being made almost entirely of Carbon Fiber, are impervious to changes in temperature and humidity. In fact, at the Winter NAMM show, 2 CA guitars were on display beneath running waterfalls, to demonstrate that water will do nothing to these guitars.

Finally, there are guitars that not only sound incredible, but can be left in a cold car overnight, or even out in the hot sun at a festival. Forget humidification, you simply don't need it with a Composite Acoustic! The neck will never bow... there isn't even a truss rod to
adjust, since there will NEVER be a need to.

The Composite Acoustics Baritones were made by CA prior to the Peavey buyout and are no longer manufactured. Baritone guitars are tuned B-to-B which is 3 1/2 tones lower than a regular guitar. There were not many made!

This instrument features a rigid one-piece neck/body construction for long-term stability and, if that isn't enough, it is also impervious to climate change (for consistent performance), wherever you go.

It has a carbon fiber neck for comfortable playability (no truss rod adjustments needed, ever!), proprietary carbon fiber bridge and saddle materials. It has been factory equipped with the L. R. Baggs “Stage-Pro Element” system, and a rare high gloss CBB Finish.

Additionally, it has performance-tuned lightweight carbon fiber bracing, composite fingerboard displays 20 medium stainless steel frets and the headstock is bestowed with six ultra-precise and black Gotoh™ tuning machines.

This 2009 Composite Acoustics Baritone is in excellent + condition with no wear to mention. This guitar has been very well looked after and maintained and is as "like new" as it gets. We have attempted to capture this in the detailed photos posted below.

Includes the Original Hardshell case.

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Composite Acoustics Baritone