Composite Acoustics Cargo Guitar Raw Finish ID-13378

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber

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Composite Acoustics Cargo Raw

A travel size instrument that sounds like a full size guitar? Impossible! The Composite Acoustics Cargo Raw is comfortable to play everywhere and anywhere, from the forests of Oregon to the foothills of the Catskill mountains, and even in your favorite armchair.

Finely appointed and incredibly durable, the Cargo is ready when you are. It easily fits airline overheads or anywhere space is tight. It's a portable guitar with the playability, sound and satisfaction of a full size guitar.

The cargo is one of the most popular guitars when our customers want to purchase a great travel guitar without sacrificing tone. The carbon fiber construction means that you can finally leave the guitar in a cold car overnight without any worry of damage. Rainstorm falling on the gig?

You may need a string change, but the guitar will survive the storm with zero damage! The necks are built without a truss rod and will NEVER be out of adjustment, regardless of humidity or temperature changes.

14 fret to the body Carbon fiber neck for consistent playability (no truss rod adjustments needed, EVER!)

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Composite Acoustics Cargo