Composite Acoustics Cargo HG CHA ELE Guitar ID-9305

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22 3/4"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber

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Composite Acoustics Cargo HG CHA

A travel size instrument that sounds like a full size guitar? No way. A non-wood guitar that sounds like wood? Impossible! That't what most folks think before they try a Composite Acoustics Cargo. Today, it continues to be the "wow" instrument that changes the world for our traveling clients.

Designed as the ultimate travel guitar, Composite Acoustics are perfect for playing anywhere. From the your favorite armchair, to the cottage by the sea, these guitars are making their rounds as the perfect all weather machine. When the neck is constructed without a truss rod and will NEVER be out of adjustment, regardless of humidity or temperature changes. Forget the wood one, take the Cargo for the road!

Compact by nature, the Cargo is ready to go when you are. With a 40" long gig bag, it easily fits in overhead compartments on airplanes or anywhere space is tight. The Cargo is also one of the most popular CA guitars for their shorter scale and comfortable body shape. Constructed standard with a cutaway, and without a heel, every Cargo plays right up to the 21st fret.

This Cargo is instantly eye-catching with the high-gloss charcoal finish. Purchasing this instruments includes a L.R. Baggs Active Element pickup system and Cargo TKL Gig-Bag.

Come see why it is the ideal travel guitar!

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Composite Acoustics Cargo