Composite Acoustics GX HG CBB ELE C.O.T. ID-10665

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Carbon Fiber

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Composite Acoustics GX HG CBB ELE C.O.T.

The GX is CA's most popular and versatile model, and it's no wonder! The grand auditorium sized cut-away provides fuller bass response than their slimmer X Model, while providing easy access to upper frets with its no-heel neck joint. The Composite Acoustics GX is braced with our performance tuned lightweight carbon fiber bracing for an extremely well-balanced volume on every note.

The GX provides a very quick and clean response - excellent for chord strumming and flat picking. The comfortable double-cut sculpted back will make you think this guitar was made just for you, and it was!

The GX has all composite acoustically tailored™ construction for ultimate tone, durability and versatility. It includes a rigid one piece neck/body construction for long term stability.

Additionally, it is impervious to climate for consistent performance, wherever you go and includes a carbon fiber neck for consistent playability (No truss rod adjustments needed, ever!) Finally, it is handcrafted in the U.S.A. by skilled technicians and craftsmen.

This instrument has been customized with a Crown of Thorns Rosette. The Rosette is beautifully crafted from Red Paua Shell and provides a striking contrast to the carbon fiber weave top and pairs well with the Red logo on the headstock.

From Composite Acoustics:

Composite Acoustics guitars are the brainchild of a proverbial rocket scientist: a former aerospace engineer and guitar aficionado with a vision and a lot of experience with composites. To this day, our team consists mostly of guitar lovers and dedicated players. We work every day to make the best guitars in the world.

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