Composite Acoustics OX High Gloss Red Guitar with Electronics ID-10276

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25 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber

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Composite Acoustics OX High Gloss Red

The Composite Acoustics OX has more low end and power than the thin body X model and produces more focus and definition than the bigger bodied GX.

The OX is the latest addition to the C.A. family, sporting a 14 fret OX cut-away body style, giving you a look and sound you won't believe at a surprisingly affordable price. This OX prototype features a beautiful high-gloss red back and sides and a matching high gloss red headstock overlay. The guitar is trimmed with carbon fiber bindings and rosette, accenting the bright blue finish perfectly.

Like all CA guitars, it's a dream to play with a unique neck shape and soft contours; the sound and feel of this instrument make it really hard to put down... between this and the newly arrived Cargo we have in stock, we may get nothing done here at the shop!

Composite Acoustics, being made almost entirely of Carbon Fiber, are impervious to changes in temperature and humidity. In fact, at the Winter NAMM show, 2 CA guitars were on display beneath running waterfalls, to demonstrate that water will do nothing to these guitars. 

Finally, there are guitars that not only sound incredible, but can be left in a cold car overnight, or even out in the hot sun at a festival. Forget humidification, you simply don't need it with a Composite Acoustic! The neck will never bow... there isn't even a truss rod to adjust, since there will NEVER be a need to.

This model features the LR Baggs Stage Pro pickup with onboard EQ and tuner. In addition to their exceptional acoustic sound, CA guitars are known for sounding incredible plugged in... right out of the box!

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Composite Acoustics OX

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