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You can receive daily email updates of new happening and arrivals on the Artisan website, the same day we post them on our website! The daily email will include listings & links to all of the new items posted to our website during the prior 24 hours. This is the best way to monitor new and pre-owned instruments which arrive daily. This way you can keep an eye on coveted arrivals that may have otherwise been spoken for.

Daily Email Updates


Note, you will receive a confirmation email from our 'info' email address.  Please click the link in the email to confirm your subscription.  This feature and daily email service is provided by a Google application, and subscription is entirely private.  We simply want to offer the option to keep you as informed of our goings on as possible. (Your email address is not retained in our records, and will never be shared).

If you ever feel you are receiving too many emails, simply click the unsubscribe button in the bottom of the email.

Not to be confused with our store Newsletter, which requires a separate subscription.  (Newsletter Sign Up Here)

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