Deering Maple Blossom 6-String Maple Banjo Pre-Owned 1997 ID-11331

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26 1/4"
Nut Width:
1 11/16"
Maple Rim
Bell Bronze Tone Ring

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Deering Maple Blossom 6 String Banjo

For guitar players, the top of the line is the MB-6. Now you can play banjo with the same chords and fingering you already know. It's great for those songs that would sound better if played on a banjo.

This MB-6 has beautiful crisp tone and great sustain. It has an arched hard, dense, colorful, exotic, and naturally beautiful ebony fingerboard. It also features Deering's own custom made six string tailpiece and bridge. This helps create a superb playing banjo for guitar players. One of the most appealing aspects of the MB-6 is its sleek neck making it comfortable, and easy to play.

This Deering 6 string Banjo is about as fun as it gets - plays like a guitar, sounds like a banjo.  Utilizing the Deering '06 bell bronze tone ring, and designed for guitarists, this six string banjo gives the guitarsist the ultimate banjo tone, in a guitar tuning format, that enables any guitarist to add a banjo to their musical palate, without learning an entirely new fingering

This banjo has a huge sound that puts other 6 string banjos to shame.  The tone is clear, bright and punchy, without the brittle high end sometimes associated with banjos.  The highs are warm and bell like, with lots of sustain and resonation while maintaining outstanding clarity up and down the neck.  The low end is round and full. 

Virtually unlimited power means you'll give even the loudest "banjo killers" a run for their money, as this banjo is definitely quite loud.  It's no wonder you hear these exact banjos on albums from Josh Williams, Herb Pederson, Byron Berline, etc.

This instrument has some slight wear on the chrome.  There is also some light surface scratches on the peghead. on the head. We have attempted to capture these in the detailed photos posted below.

Includes Hardshell Case.

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