DNA Helix w/ Relic'd Azure Sky Finish Pre-Owned 2017 ID-13242

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DNA Helix Guitars

The DNA Helix Guitars have been one of the best kept secrets in pro guitar circles for years. But the secret is out now! The Helix 22 and 24, with it’s patent pending bridge and neck fastening systems are some of the most sought after instruments for pro touring and studio guitarists nationwide. At home in either environment, they are the guitars the pros turn to when they want to deliver their absolute best to the project.

DNA's patent pending fastening system for the bridge is like no other. One of the true “new” innovations in the guitar world of the last 60 years.

Their bridges are counter sunk into the body giving it 5 points of contact. They also in-bed brass inserts into the body and use machine screws instead of wood screws that can loosen over time and even strip out. Machine screws can be tightened far beyond that of a wood screw insuring more of the string vibration coupling with the wood giving unmatched tonal quality and sustain. DNA also uses the same method to fasten their necks to the bodies, again giving you the ability to tighten the screws far beyond that of a wood screw. Leo Fender discovered back in the early 50’s that the tighter everything is the better the string vibration transfer is – maximizing the tone and sustain. (dnaguitarcompany.com)

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ only light scratches on the top above the strings.