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Insuring Your Instrument – Heritage Insurance Services

Once you've found the perfect instrument, an insurance policy is one of the first steps of loving it for many years to come

Our customers often ask us for advice when it comes to insuring such valuable instruments.  Without hesitation, we always recommend Heritage Insurance Services.  They know and understand musicians and their instruments and all of our customers have had great experiences with their insurance policy.

From the Heritage Insurance Services Website:

"Musical instruments are your passion. Protecting them is ours. We’ve been insuring fine musical instruments for over 20 years. Whether you play, collect, or own fine musical instruments – or if you sell, repair, or build them – Heritage Insurance Services can customize a comprehensive and affordable insurance policy to meet your needs. Compare our coverage and you will understand why Heritage has over 6,000 clients throughout the United States and Canada."

Coverage Highlights:

  • All Risk of Direct Physical Damage
  • No Deductible
  • Consequential Loss in Value Due to Breakage
  • Agreed Value - Your Value is Guaranteed
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Minimal Exclusions
  • Fast and Fair Claim Service
  • Phone Quotations - Immediate Coverage
  • No Membership Fees

Contact:  Heritage Insurance Services, Inc.
info@musicins.com • http://www.musicins.com

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Custom Orders

Our qualified team and quality builders are the ideal combination for helping you create the perfect personal custom order

With our unique catalog of luthiers, custom instrument design has become one of our key areas of experience.  Whether you have exacting specifications in mind, or need assistance with designing a guitar to fit your personal needs, our staff has extensive knowledge of each builder's techniques & resources.  We can assist you from start to finish with your custom order. Our luthiers only build-to order, so an instrument we have in stock represents an average wait time of 6 months to have one built (and a similar 6 month wait time to replace it).

With as many as 500 new & pre-owned instruments in stock, you will also find we have more than 200 new instruments on order with our builders at any given time.  Visit the On Order section under each brand, for a complete list of instruments we are expecting.  This list is updated daily, though an estimated time of arrival might be adjusted due to the builder's schedule, material delays, and demand.

We continually offer a full range of models and features for the exclusive brands we represent.  With extended build-to-order schedules, we place orders many months in advance to keep pace with demand.  With a modest deposit of 25%, you can reserve an instrument from our build schedule.  The balance is not due until your new instrument completed and is ready to ship.  If you are considering a custom order, our reserved build slots may also offer you the opportunity to receive a priority build slot, usually with an accelerated arrival time.

Take a look at some costumer reviews of our excellent costumer service

Here are some examples of the custom features available to you (varies by builder):

  • Upgraded Master grade tone woods (Ziricote, Cocobolo, Madagascar Rosewood, Sinker / Bee's Wings / Flamed Mahogany, German Maple, Brazilian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Koa, California Sycamore, and others)
  • Upgraded sound boards to match your string attack (German Spruce, Italian Spruce, Carpathian Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Redwood, American Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Adirondack Red Spruce, European Red Spruce)
  • Custom binding, purfling, & esthetic materials
  • Custom designed inlays and rosettes
  • Nut width and string spacing
  • Custom neck profile
  • Custom sunbursts and finish options; including Varnish vs. Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Optional headstock veneers
  • Tuner options
  • On-board electronics
  • Deep body construction option
  • Custom top bracing, specific to your string attack or playing style (Adirondack Spruce bracing vs. Sitka Spruce)
  • Hide glue construction option

After an in depth discussion with one of our crew members, we will finalize the entire list of specifications, and prepare a personal quote for your approval.  Once you have approved the order, a 25% deposit is required to have your order confirmed with the builder.  (Note - In the event you elect to cancel your order, your deposit is non-refundable).


Why do you stock so few brands of instruments?

By focusing intensely on our relationships with our signature brands, we are able to more effectively guarentee quality

We feel our core signature brands collectively represent the very finest bench-built instruments presently available in the “medium” production range (300 to 1800 instruments annually).  In becoming more familiar with the comprehensive & extensive list of models offered, together with their individual voicing characteristics, we are able to draw upon each builder’s resources to offer literally hundreds of different model guitars, at the highest level of master craftsmanship & materials, for practically any playing style or purpose.

Perhaps biased in our goals, we believe that limiting our focus to a small number of select brands allows us to become intimately familiar and specialized in the individual design philosophy of each master luthier, from the evolution of their processes to their daily procedures.  By devoting our entire staff & business resources to just a handful of core brands, we believe each member of our team can best serve our responsibilities as an authorized dealer, and in turn bring value to each individual customer.

In this endeavor Artisan Guitars is able to offer a broader inventory selection for each coveted brand, and we hope the best selection of custom instruments for you to choose from.

“Mass-Production vs. individually bench-built instruments”

In the past several years, the most well renowned production style builders have contacted us with offers to represent their companies.  While perhaps enticing to consider, it would seem to require an exhaustive effort to attempt provision for a superior level of service with any one of these brands.  We also find these larger companies have business objectives & needs which do not directly align with ours.

Our clientele have very specific needs, each in search of instruments that offer superior responsiveness, who seek the highest standards of workmanship and finish quality.  They desire sonic excellence & playability, without the risk of searching dozens of instruments to find the single instrument which meets these standards.  We have found these needs are best served through bench-built construction, where each wood set is hand selected, and each instrument individually voiced for maximum performance.  These are the heirloom instruments our grandchildren will be playing 50 years from now.

“Bench-built medium production range vs. boutique builders”

We strongly support the ongoing study of lutherie, and have great admiration for the dedication of individual builders at all skill levels.  Over the years, many of today’s finest boutique builders interned under the skilled hands of master luthiers Richard Hoover, Dana Bourgeois, & Bill Collings.

For clients who seek the personal attention & direct interaction with an individual builder, we recommend drawing upon the resources of dozens of builders within the marketplace who work directly with the public (as opposed to a dealer network).  We have observed that those who are successful in this endeavor also similarly enjoy working directly with the individual player.

Artisan Guitars, defined…

Ultimately our goal is to match your needs and skills with the instrument that will best satisfy your expectations.  We offer an exhaustive amount of personal attention to each customer to achieve this goal.  Our promise is to answer every question to the best of our knowledge, and spare the typical salesmanship practices of the marketplace.  In most instances our efforts lead to rewarding, long term personal relationships with musicians all around the world.

These statements best define our culture, and who we are!  If you are looking for hallmark customer service, honest advice combined with a high level of expertise, you’ve come to the right place.\

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Website Errors and Typos

Artisan Guitars does not accept liability for incorrect spelling, printing errors (including prices), incorrect manufacturer’s specifications or changes, or grammatical inaccuracies in any product included in the Artisan Guitars website. Prices subject to change without notice.

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3 Day Approval Policy (*US purchases only)

It's important to us that you love your instrument as much as we do. For that reason we have an Approval & Return Policy in place.

It is our goal to assist you in avoiding an impetuous purchase, and help you choose the right guitar the 1st time. It starts with our team learning to understand your needs. That means us spending an extensive amount of time discussing your playing style, your music, and your current experience with instruments in your present collection.

Our crew has extensive experience in all aspects of instrument design, from string spacing to tone woods, and everything in between. Free of sales pressure, our goal is to guide you in making the right choice so you shouldn't worry about the need for a return policy.

Our "3 Day Approval Policy" period offers you a full 3 days to play your new guitar or mandolin in the comfort of your own home or studio.  (If your local weather is severely hot or cold, it might be best to wait a full 24 hours to allow the instrument to acclimate slowly from extreme temperatures. During inclement weather this trial period may be extended a full 24 hours upon request).  Amplifiers, sound systems, pickups, pedals and any electronic equipment is non-returnable.

If your purchase is not as you imagined, you should Notify us of your intent to return it within 72 hours of receipt - for a Full refund of your purchase price, Less out-bound shipping expense, and a 5% Restocking Fee.

Our conditions are simple:

Allow 7 to 10 business days to process your return, which includes sufficient time for safe shipping & inspection of the instrument, then we can refund your full purchase price, (less our shipping costs).

*Note: This policy does not apply to custom ordered instruments, international orders / purchases, or in-store purchases (which do not have a 3-day approval period and May Not Be Returned).

Approval Policy