FAQ - Payment Options

Custom Orders

Our qualified team and quality builders are the ideal combination for helping you create the perfect personal custom order

With our unique catalog of luthiers, custom instrument design has become one of our key areas of experience.  Whether you have exacting specifications in mind, or need assistance with designing a guitar to fit your personal needs, our staff has extensive knowledge of each builder's techniques & resources.  We can assist you from start to finish with your custom order. Our luthiers only build-to order, so an instrument we have in stock represents an average wait time of 6 months to have one built (and a similar 6 month wait time to replace it).

With as many as 500 new & pre-owned instruments in stock, you will also find we have more than 200 new instruments on order with our builders at any given time.  Visit the On Order section under each brand, for a complete list of instruments we are expecting.  This list is updated daily, though an estimated time of arrival might be adjusted due to the builder's schedule, material delays, and demand.

We continually offer a full range of models and features for the exclusive brands we represent.  With extended build-to-order schedules, we place orders many months in advance to keep pace with demand.  With a modest deposit of 25%, you can reserve an instrument from our build schedule.  The balance is not due until your new instrument completed and is ready to ship.  If you are considering a custom order, our reserved build slots may also offer you the opportunity to receive a priority build slot, usually with an accelerated arrival time.

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Here are some examples of the custom features available to you (varies by builder):

  • Upgraded Master grade tone woods (Ziricote, Cocobolo, Madagascar Rosewood, Sinker / Bee's Wings / Flamed Mahogany, German Maple, Brazilian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Koa, California Sycamore, and others)
  • Upgraded sound boards to match your string attack (German Spruce, Italian Spruce, Carpathian Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Redwood, American Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Adirondack Red Spruce, European Red Spruce)
  • Custom binding, purfling, & esthetic materials
  • Custom designed inlays and rosettes
  • Nut width and string spacing
  • Custom neck profile
  • Custom sunbursts and finish options; including Varnish vs. Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Optional headstock veneers
  • Tuner options
  • On-board electronics
  • Deep body construction option
  • Custom top bracing, specific to your string attack or playing style (Adirondack Spruce bracing vs. Sitka Spruce)
  • Hide glue construction option

After an in depth discussion with one of our crew members, we will finalize the entire list of specifications, and prepare a personal quote for your approval.  Once you have approved the order, a 25% deposit is required to have your order confirmed with the builder.  (Note - In the event you elect to cancel your order, your deposit is non-refundable).


Layaway Plans

We know how it is to find the guitar of your dreams, at times when you may not be shopping for one, or when you least expect it. We are pleased to offer 2 convenient Layaway plans, that can extend your payment period.  There are no extra fees or finance charges.  Our Layaway Plans are open to shop visitors, and online visitors too, (local or international).

So for those of you who want to secure a purchase immediately, even if your budget isn’t quite ready, take advantage of our layaway plan so your special guitar doesn’t get away!

New Instrument or Amplifier - 6 Month Layaway Plan

Purchase any New instrument or amplifier in stock with an initial deposit of 20%, and take a full 6  Months (180 days) to complete your purchase.  Of course there is no penalty if you decide to pay off your layaway early.

Once your initial deposit is received, your instrument will be stored safely in its original case in our humidified shop, and marked as Reserved on our website. Upon receipt of your final payment, we can immediately arrange shipping to you. Here's how it works:

6-Month New Instrument Layaway:  Example Purchase Price = $4500.00

Layaway Deposit 20% of Purchase Price=


1st Payment (30 days) =


2nd Payment (60 days) =


3rd Payment (90 days) =


4th Payment (120 days) =


5th Payment (150 days) =


Final Payment (180 days)=


Total =


Cancellation Policy

As we are taking your instrument ‘off the market’, there is a consequence should you elect to cancel your layaway plan:

  • If you cancel within the first 60 days, there will be a restocking fee of 10% of the purchase price.
  • If cancelled after 60 days, your initial 20% deposit is forfeited. You will be refunded the difference from any additional payments made, after the guitar is placed back on the market and when sold at a later date.

Need special payment arrangements that work best for you? Please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss our layaway terms.


Pre-Owned Layaway Plan

You can purchase any Pre-Owned instrument or amplifier in stock with an initial deposit of 25%, and take a full 90 days to complete your purchase (or less time, if you wish to pay it off early) - There are no additional fees or interest.

Once your initial deposit is received, your instrument will be removed from inventory display, stored safely in its original case, and marked as Reserved on our website. Upon receipt of your final payment, we can immediately arrange shipping to you. Here's how it works:

 Layaway Deposit =

25% of Purchase Price

1st Payment (30 days) =

25% of Purchase Price

2nd Payment (60 days) =

25% of Purchase Price

3rd Payment (90 days) =

25% of Purchase Price

Cancellation Policy

Please note, as we are taking the instrument ‘off the market’, your initial deposit is non-refundable should you elect to not complete your purchase.  Please don’t hesitate to call to discuss our layaway terms.  Please call us if you have need to make special arrangements that will work best for you.

Layaway Plans


Our shopping cart is PayPal friendly.  Our PayPal Policy is that if you have a verified account you may use it during check-out.

Our PayPal Policy does not require you to have an account to make a purchase.

Please refer to our FAQ regarding all our payment options

Paypal Policy

We accept most major credit cards, and your payment is processed through PayPal for a secure transaction.  We do not access or retain your credit card information for online transactions.

You may also wish to complete your purchase by phone, and have one of our knowledgeable & friendly staff process your order personally.

Paypal Policy

PayPal Credit "Bill Me Later" Option:  If you have an established PayPal account, you may wish to take advantage of their "6 Months Same As Cash" payment option.

  • Sign in to your PayPal account and apply for PayPal Credit
  • Once approved, simply request that we send you a PayPal invoice by email.  You can then pay with your PayPal Credit
  • Payment is usually received immediately, and your order is processed the same day

If you have questions about processing your order, shipping options, or product availability, please contact us by phone or email and we will get right back to you.

United States Payment Options

For customers in the United States, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted online or for orders placed by phone.  Your credit information is secure, and is not stored in our system, whether purchasing online or by phone.

United States

We can also accept PayPal payments with a verified PayPal account, bank issued certified checks, bank wire transfers or Western Union money orders.  Personal checks are not accepted, unless otherwise preauthorized.

For insurance purposes, the name and address of where the order is being shipped must match the name and address on your credit card account (this is in keeping with bank & insurance company requirements for fraud protection).  Your purchase is insured up to $12,000 (for purchases over this amount, we will arrange a temporary policy to cover the full purchase price while your order is in transit).

You may be contacted to verify that the name, address, and card number match when processing your order.  If you would like to have your order shipped to a secondary address, we ask that you contact the number on back of your credit card, and ask that an additional address be added to your account.  By this method, we can ship to your business, vacation home, or relative without hassle, and your purchase will be fully insured.


International Orders & Wire Transfers

We have clients all around the world, and we are pleased to accept international orders. 

While our shopping cart will accept credit card payments for most countries, our payment preference is Bank Wire Transfer for 1st time international purchases.  The international bank fees in most countries are modest, and this payment method is safe & secure.  Contact us by phone or email to discuss your order, and we will send you an itemized invoice, including a competitive shipping quote and bank wire instructions.  Bank wire payments usually arrive in the US within 5 business days.  You will be notified when payment has arrived, and we will promptly arrange shipping of your order that same day.

We use FedEx International exclusively for all international orders for instruments, regardless of the purchase value. You can track your shipment on the internet every step of the way.  Acting as the customs broker for your shipment, FedEx can provide safe & reliable delivery to your door.

Small items can be shipped by US Postal Service, though they can not be tracked reliably and often are delayed in shipping, depending upon the local postal service in your country & processing times to move through customs.

You will be responsible for all import duties & taxes, and will be required to make payment to FedEx at the time of delivery. FedEx will contact you when your package has cleared your local customs office. You can obtain an estimate of the duties & taxes by contacting the local customs office in your country.

All shipments are insured for the full purchase value, for your safety & security.  For this reason, we are unable to reduce the declared value of your purchase.

We pack very carefully for shipping, and shipping damage is very rare.  In the event of shipping damage, please notify us immediately.  You must retain the original box & all packing materials.  You will be provided a return authorization after we have filed a claim with the shipping company.