Fender Custom Shop 1956 Stratocaster HHH, N.O.S. Black Pre-Owned 2018 ID-13335

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Fender Custom Shop 1956 Stratocaster N.O.S. Black, HHH

Fender Custom Shop Team-Built instruments represent an unmatched dedication and unwavering attention to detail, in making the player's dream a reality. This has been their goal for over 30 years.

This 1956 Stratocaster features a N.O.S. black finish, satin Custom neck shape, and an Ebony Fingerboard, with a very modern 9.5"-12" compound radius, over a maple neck,

In the late 70s, in an attempt to pair the scale length and contoured body of a Fender, with the thick sound of a set neck instrument, players Hot-Rodded their Strats with humbuckers, and the rest is history. With a trio of humbuckers, this guitar can cover all your Rock n' Roll fantasies.

About those pickups...:

"The Seymour Duncan Distortion Trembucker is the F-spaced version of our original high output humbucker. It incorporates a massive ceramic magnet and hot coil windings to deliver well-balanced rock and metal tones that have rich upper midrange harmonic content. Great for hard hitting, crunchy rhythms, and searing lead tone. Pair it with the Duncan Distortion neck model for the a killer high output setup.Trembuckers have wider pole piece spacing, perfect for symmetrical positioning under the strings of guitars with a tremolo or wide spaced hard tail bridge (2 or wider from the center of the Low E to High E directly over the bridge pickup). Hand built in our Santa Barbara, CA factory, the Duncan Distortion Trembucker uses a large ceramic bar magnet, nickel silver bottom plate, 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance."-Seymour Duncan

The Custom shop matched these Trembuckers with their L'il Screamin' Demon Single-coil-sized Humbucker in the middle position, and VOILA: Let there be ROCK!

Hey shredders, this axe is for YOU!

Includes a Deluxe Tweed hardshell case, strap and Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ light scratches(towel marks) throughout the back and top.