Fender Custom Shop 63 Tele w/ Faded Sherwood Green Metallic Pre-Owned 2019 ID-13706

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Fender Custom Shop 63 Telecaster Journey Relic/ CC Hardware

For over 30 years the extraordinarily talented luthiers of the Fender Custom Shop have been providing the most illustrious guitar players of their day with their dream instruments.

This Fender Custom Shop 1963 Journeyman Relic Telecaster Custom solidbody electric guitar delivers authentic visuals in a highly playable instrument. It was in the early '60s that Telecasters were first adorned with a rosewood fretboard, and this '63 Relic Telecaster gives you the twang, bite, and vibe of the original. This axe sports sought-after vintage appointments including a comfortable 9.5" radius, 6105 frets, and a '63 "C" neck shape. Topped off with a pair of powerful-sounding single-coil Twisted Tele pickups, the Fender Custom Shop 1963 Journeyman Relic Telecaster Custom is a must-have guitar.

Plug this Tele in and you'll be powering through solos with strong presence & punch! These twisted Tele pickups borrow the taller Alnico V magnets from Fender's Jazz Bass pickups, providing the added bobbin space for thicker gauge wire for a hotter, brighter, and punchier sound that will instanatly remind you of a stratocaster. And for a smoother sound, the onboard Greasebucket tone circuit lets you roll off high end without killing your clarity or gain.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ no wear or tear.