Huss and Dalton CM Custom 12-String w/ Thermo Cured Sitka Spruce & Indian Rosewood ID-13664

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Nut Width:
Thermo-Cured Sitka Spruce
East Indian Rosewood

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Huss and Dalton CM Custom 12-String

The Huss and Dalton CM 12-string is a highly versatile medium sized instrument based on their popular CM model.  This particular guitar is highly customized featuring a very nice tonewood combination of Thermo Cured Sitka Spruce & East Indian Rosewood.

Aside from being gorgeous beyond belief, the tone of this 12-string is quite large with a rich low end that balances the 12-string sound quite nicely.  Trebles are crystal clear and mid-range is punchy and prominent. Huss and Dalton uses Adirondack Spruce for bracing on all of their guitars, giving extra headroom and volume to every instrument they build!

This guitar will no doubt record and perform like the 12-string of your dreams!  Simple appointments keep this guitar looking modest and classic with simple black bindings and a clear pickguard. The MJ style peghead adds an already beautiful element to an elegantly spec'd out guitar.

The specs of this guitar are impressive however it's not until you have this guitar in your hands that you can truly understand how remarkable this instrument is.  It's a guitar that will
keep you coming back for more. This one truly sings!

Huss and Dalton CM