Huss and Dalton CM Custom Sitka Spruce and Australian Blackwood Pre-Owned 2007 ID-11621

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Sitka Spruce
Australian Blackwood

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Huss and Dalton CM Cutaway Sitka Spruce and Australian Blackwood

Whether you are a songwriter needing an inspirational writing tool, a discerning fingerstylist, or a little bit of both - the Huss and Dalton CM is the perfect answer. This custom appointed piece showcases the beautiful artistry that only a small shop can offer.

Despite being somewhat smaller than a dreadnought; the body depth of the CM, measuring in at 4 5/8, boosting the low-end warmth and response. The Sitka Spruce top exhibits an even and richer, more complex tone than Adirondack; while being exceptionally responsive to both fingerstyle and light strumming.

The tonewood combo on this guitar is Sitka with Australian Blackwood. offering more volume and responsiveness from a lighter touch. Australian Blackwood, known to some as Tasmanian Blackwood or Black Wattle, grows fast and tall, up to 45m height. It has visual simliarlities to Koa, but tonally it boasts crisp, defined trebles with deep, warm bass response. When paired with a Sitka Spruce top, it has a commanding presence even when played with bare fingers.

This custom model is beautifully appointed with Maple binding along the body, fingerboard, and fingerboard. The abalone rosette is also gracefully placed between two rings of Maple. This guitar also features a Symour Duncan Mag Mic Pickup.

The Seymour Duncan Mag Mic Acoustic Guitar Pickup is a two-fisted approach to getting outstanding sound from your axe. Savvy studio engineers often combine mic and pickup sources to achieve a great acoustic sound. The Mag Mic gives you a high-quality hum-cancelling Stack magnetic pickup as well as an omni-directional condenser mic - all in one convenient unit.

This innovative arrangement serves up your guitar's native warmth along with jaw-dropping full-spectrum detail, making the Mag Mic your acoustic guitar's new best friend. For crystal-clear, natural amplified acoustic tone, reach for Seymour Duncan's Mag Mic.

This Huss and Dalton CM is in Good Condition with a few things to note. There are light surface scratches in the finish on the top, back, and sides as well as a decent amount of pick scratches on the pickguard. There is also a couple very small dings on the back of the headstock.

IncludesHardshell Case.

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