Huss and Dalton CM Guitar with Sinker Redwood and Indian Rosewood ID-12013

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Sinker Redwood
Indian Rosewood

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Huss and Dalton CM Guitar

Huss and Dalton CM Guitar with Sinker Redwood and Indian Rosewood

Whether you are a songwriter needing an inspirational writing tool, a discerning fingerstylist, or a bit of both, the Huss and Dalton Cutaway Model is the perfect guitar. This highly appointed CM showcases the beautiful artistry that only a small shop like ours can offer.

Despite being somewhat smaller than a dreadnought; the body depth of the CM, measuring in at 4 5/8, boosting the low-end warmth and response.  The gorgeous set of Indian Rosewood making up the back and sides broadens out the dynamic range, bringing overtone rich low-end and mellow yet defined trebles. When fingerpicking, each note is rich and warm, yet well defined and easily articulated.

Sinker redwood used for guitars are sliced from huge old-growth redwood logs reclaimed from the Californian rivers. The tops typically display a rich spectrum of variegation, the result of colors uniquely imparted from silt and the mineral-rich water. The age and size of these trees translates into a tight grain with nice cross-grain stiffness, so it will tend to have a fairly bold response

This guitar has the bell like quality that Huss and Dalton is known for, with a midrange that truly shines. Wonderfully even across the spectrum, this guitar will defiantly impress!

The CM is a small body guitar withd deep sides that really pack a punch! It's elegant design includes a softly bent cutaway, rosewood bindings, and abalone rosette. Versatile and comfortable..the CM is a true joy to play. Think small dreadnought. This guitar is perfect for the guitar player looking for a powerful guitar in a smaller package.

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Huss and Dalton CM Guitar