Huss and Dalton Crossroads 00 Sitka and Mahogany in Sunburst Finish Pre-Owned 2013 ID-11778

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Sitka Spruce

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Huss and Dalton Crossroads 00 Sitka and Mahogany

Established in 1995; Huss and Dalton began when Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton had the idea to build the guitar they wanted to play. While always appreciating the traditional design, both had a vision of a guitar that paid  homage to tradition while incorporating improvements in the the structural design and cosmetics of the steel string guitar. Never content to rest on their laurels, they recently introduced their Road Edition model to great success, we are proud to introduce their latest model - "The Huss and Dalton Crossroads"!

Smaller in body but mammoth in tone, the 00 is based on a true classic of acoustic guitars the L-00. Styled after Gibson's legendary pre-war flat-top the L-00, and long been favored by players of all styles, the L-00 is an icon for good reason. Often favored by blues players, fingerstyle pickers and folk artists, these guitars are noted for their easy playability due to their body size and decisively full sound.  Huss and Dalton strove to bring the same style, tone and quality to a smaller-bodied flat-top that was ideally suited to the performance needs of players today.

The 14-fret 00 produces a surprising amount of volume out of a small body guitar. Very clear and balanced in tone, it's braced for light gauge strings, and designed with the finger style player in mind. The 00 pairs Sitka Spruce and Mahogany and features vintage inspired cream bindings and a Rosewood vintage style straight bridge.

This is a classic combination that is highly versatile for many playing styles - chords runs are crisp and defined, yet their is a surprising amount of bass for the guitar's size. Sitka can be played fingerstyle or with a flatpick and can excel at both.  It is ideal for players who don't require the stiffness of Adirondack, offering more volume and responsiveness from a lighter touch. When combined with mahogany on the back and sides, Sitka is very lush and has a warm, rich low end that is ideal in front of a microphone, and records perfectly!

For those players that are looking to re-create a pre-war sound, with modern upgrades, and that is not in danger of needing a neck reset, bridge re-glue, crack repair, etc, your ship has come in. Plus, you won't need to sell your soul to afford this blues machine!

This instrument is in Great Condition with some light scratches in the darker part of the sunburst as well as 2 deeper finish scratches on the back of the guitar.

Includes Hardshell Case.

Huss and Dalton Crossroads