Huss and Dalton Custom 00-SP Guitar Sinker Redwood and Indian Rosewood with Herringbone ID-11680

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Sinker Redwood
Indian Rosewood

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Huss and Dalton

Huss and Dalton's 00 produces a surprising amount of volume out of a small bodied guitar. This 00-SP is easy to play, and it gives you the features, looks, and character that are bound to make it your companion for years and years to come.

The topwood on this guitar is also gorgeous piece of ribboned Sinker Redwood. This instrument is incredibly responsive to bare fingers.

Sinker redwood used for guitars are sliced from huge old-growth redwood logs reclaimed from the Californian rivers. The tops typically display a rich spectrum of variegation, the result of colors uniquely imparted from silt and the mineral-rich water. The age and size of these trees translates into a tight grain with nice cross-grain stiffness, so it will tend to have a fairly bold response.

Indian Rosewood is arguably one of the most popular tone woods ever used for the back and sides of an acoustic instrument. It’s unique density and surface hardness allows for a deep, complex, response with a certain sparkle in the top-end that is quite pleasing. The Indian Rosewood back and sides of this instrument exceeds tonal expectations, and features gorgeous coloring. This 00-SP produces a tone that is clear and powerful.

The low end is much more prominent than one would expect form a guitar of it’s stature. The mid-range, while clear and bell-like, is very smooth and pleasant; making for a very inspiring instrument. Providing additional clarity and punch to the guitar, is Huss and Dalton’s exclusive hand split Adirondack Spruce bracing. This helps to add stiffness to the small top, though never at the sacrifice of it’s responsiveness.

This guitar has the bell like quality that Huss and Dalton is known for, with a midrange that truly shines. Wonderfully even across the spectrum, this guitar will defiantly impress!

This beauty features a number of custom features, including; a Mother of Pearl Rosette, CM Scroll 12th Fret Inlay, and Peghead Logo, and is fully bound in Indian Rosewood with a white line on the face.

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