Huss and Dalton Custom OO-SP Engelmann Spruce w/ Claro Walnut ID-12749

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Nut Width:
1 13/16"
Engelmann Spruce
Claro Walnut

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Custom OO-SP Engelmann Spruce w/ Claro Walnut

The Huss and Dalton 12-fret 00 produces a surprising amount of volume out of a small body guitar. The Huss and Dalton 00SP has ample warmth and richness that fills a room. Studio musicians will appreciate how incredibly balanced it is across the fingerboard. No frequency is left unrepresented.

Huss and Dalton even braces their 00-SPs with hand split Adirondack Spruce bracing. A stiffer wood than Sitka, this allows for a more lively and responsive top without sacrificing volume and projection. The 00-SP is braced for light gauge strings, on par with most fingerstylist’s needs.

Engelmann Spruce is softer than Sitka Spruce, offering a much more responsive tone with a lighter pick attack. Fingerstyle players especially love the way Engelmann responds to their particular style of playing, projecting ample volume with minimal attack. With the custom short scale offering, this guitar is virtually effortless to play and very hard to put down once you start playing.

Claro Walnut Guitar Wood - (Juglans hindsii) from N. California & S. Oregon, possesses a beautiful purple brown tone, and is often highlighted with black, purple, green, golden and tan. This set of Claro Walnut is nicely figured. Tonally, it's not too bright with a nice warm growl in the low-mids. We have heard it described it as half way between maple and mahogany.

Together these tone woods produce a beautiful darker warmth that is perfect for any fingerstyle player that is looking for an articulate instrument that has a wide range of velocity and tone.