Huss and Dalton Custom TOM-R Guitar Bearclaw Italian and Madagascar Rosewood ID-11694

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Custom Bearclaw Italian Spruce
Custom Madagascar Rosewood
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Huss and Dalton TOM R

Celebrating 22 years of passion and skill, Jeff Huss & Mark Dalton put their many years of experience into the creation of this commemorative heirloom guitar.  Here are some highlights that will electrify the most discerning collector:

Bearclaw Italian Spruce Top

Grown over many years in higher elevations of the south faced Italian Alps, Italian Spruce is noted for its rich bass and thick, round trebles.  Hand selected for this special commission, the soundboard is tight grained, with no run-out.  Accompanied by their Adirondack Red Spruce braces, (hand carved tall and narrow), this top easily projects notes from a light string attack yet will stand up to the haviest flat picking. The Bearclaw Looks like a bear has clawed across the grain of the wood. Highly appreciated for its unique patterns, resulting in an eye-catching shimmer.

Madagascar Rosewood

Madagascar Rosewood has commanding presence with balanced tone and clarity. Madagascar is evenly responsive across the entire tonal register and has crisp, sparkling trebles commonly associated with Brazilian Rosewood.  When coupled with a Spruce top wood, it brings the guitar strong fundamentals, a lightning quick response, and crisp trebles.

Spring Vine Inlays

From the steady hands of Jeff Huss, this custom inlay features Abalone shell leaves and flowers, adorning a central vine carved from Mother of Pearl. Sublime and elegant, it is the perfect compliment to the 42 Style Abalone top purfling & matching rosette.

Traditional "Flat Top" Construction

The Huss and Dalton TOM-R is a traditionally constructed OM flattop (learn more here).  This TOM-R has a Italian spruce top over a Brazilian Rosewood back and sides.  Balanced, crisp tone, and responsiveness is the name of the game here; all with Huss & Dalton's trademark "bell-like ring" they have become known for. The even response and airy, shimmery qualities are characteristic of Huss and Dalton OMs, and this one captures that to perfection.

Huss and Dalton applies the same building style to their OM as they do their standard dreadnoughts. The top is built with a 25' radius. A positive by-product of the radiused soundboard design, besides its load bearing properties, is a boost in the mid-range without overpowering the bass and trebles. This is design function is showcased in this guitar - boasting unsurpassed tonal balance.

This guitar features a Bearclaw Italian Spruce top and Madagascar Rosewood back and sides. The Italian Spruce top  brings the guitar balance and warmth, and when coupled with Madagascar Rosewood brings the guitar strong fundamentals, a lightning quick response, lush trebles, and virtually unlimited headroom.

A personal message from Mark Dalton, "It is such a pleasure to work with these types of rare, top shelf materials coupled with the overall classic design of this beautiful OM.  The hand cut inlay materials definitely create a unique heirloom instrument".

Jesse's Two Cents:

"This is such a special instrument! Everyone who sees it asks about it; everyone who asks about it wants to hear it; and everyone who hears it smiles, and says they are so surprised and impressed it sounds as beautiful as it looks. Learning about the fretboard inlays, and the attention to detail and care that went into them is inspiring. Using greener abalone for the leaves on the vines, and also the pink abalone for the flowers... just astounding! Some of my favorite Bear-claw spruce adorns the top of this OM, it's just superb under the lights, and the figuring changes dramatically as you move the guitar. I love the sound of the midrange: very present, really warm, and with full sounding lower mids that don't overpower, but support the overall tone incredibly well. The TOM-R has wonderful headroom and power. I'm completely impressed!"

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Huss and Dalton TOM-R