Huss and Dalton L-13 Crossroads w/ Sitka Spruce & Indian Rosewood w/ Sunburst Finish ID-12918

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Sitka Spruce
East Indian Rosewood

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L-13 Crossroads Model

Huss and Dalton has been in the guitar game for a while now, they've made a name for themselves in the handcrafted guitar world, and this Crossroads model is nothing short of extraordinary. It brings us back to 20's and 30's Jazz bars like we're listening to "picking the guitar" live!

This custom gem features a Sitka Spruce Top with East Indian Rosewood back & sides. This is a classic combination that is highly versatile for many playing styles. Sitka can be played fingerstyle or with a flatpick and can excel at both.

Sitka is ideal for flatpickers who don't require the stiffness of Adirondack, offering more volume and responsiveness from a lighter touch. When combined with rosewood on the back and sides, Sitka is very lush and has a warm, rich low end.

And of course, let's not forget they brace all of their guitars exclusively with Adirondack Red Spruce - More efficient at transferring energy across the sound board, they can craft braces narrower and taller, offering excellent lifetime construction & reliability.

These Huss and Dalton guitars warm up with beautiful overtones, and sustain that brings the notes forward into the mix, perfect for leads, and powerful for rhythm!