Huss and Dalton Shop Tour on DVD ID-5805

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Huss and Dalton Guitar Company began late in the summer of 1995. Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton had the idea to build guitars they wanted to play. While appreciating the traditional design, both had a vision of a guitar that paid homage to tradition while incorporating improvements in the structural design and cosmetics of the steel-string guitar.

This Huss & Dalton shop tour DVD starts with a full working tour of the Huss and Dalton shop in Staunton, Virginia. Detailed footage of everything from the forming of the back and sides, the hands-on approach Huss and Dalton imploy in bracing the top, to the intricate inlay work - this is a real treat for if you are interested in the craft. Other features included a testimonal and song by Robin and Linda Williams, local folk duo renowned for their harmony singing and songwriting talents; an interview with Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton; and a full digital catalog of Huss and Dalton's 2009 product line.

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