Huss and Dalton talk about Sinker Mahogany tonewood

Sinker Mahogany

By Mark Dalton

Our supplier of this special wood recently came up with 14 more sets and we bought ten of them. It is really nice, old growth Mahogany and produces a really rich tone and volume palate on a higher plane than our standard mahogany. We immediately sold about half of them, but we have a few sets left. These were, as described below in our supplier's words, VERY dense logs:

"If you like wood with a story, then it doesn't get any better than this material. This is material from the bottom of Belizean rivers. Belize used to be a British colony. The British exported a lot of Mahogany from Belize throughout history and during the 19th century they used the rivers of Belize as their main source of transportation. Occasionally the denser Mahogany logs would sink!  These logs for over 100 years had been lost and forgotten, until now!

All the logs where salvaged using environmentally sound practices using small boats and pulleys to remove these logs off the bottom of the rivers. The logs were cut in Belize using local labor. Hence this is a very eco-friendly product. The material was kiln dried in Belize but has been re-stickered to give the piles air flow to allow them to air dry even more. Due to the age of these logs, all this material would have been old growth timber. The color is excellent and the grain is tight. Some of the material is even figured. Plus the material has a very interesting natural edge. The texture has been sculpted by the river and is very pleasing to the eye."