Huss and Dalton TD R Guitar Appalachian Red Spruce and Cocobolo Pre Owned 2015 ID-9520

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Nut Width:
1 23/32"
Appalachian Red Spruce

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Huss and Dalton TD R

Huss and Dalton TD R Appalachian Red Spruce and Cocobolo

The topwood on this guitar is Appalachian Red Spruce, one of the most aggressive and powerful woods available. Red Spruce provides virtually unlimited headroom when played hard, perfect for heavy handed bluegrass players who are competing with louder string band instruments such as banjos and fiddles.

The Adirondack Braces are connected with hot hide glue. Hide Glue sets up very hard, like glass, allowing more energy transfer through the bracing. Hot Hide Glue adds responsiveness across the spectrum. This type of glue was used on the early guitars we have all fallen in love with, but later phased out due to the time required to use it, not to mention the mess it makes. The sonic benefits can't be ignored, adding not only responsiveness, but a new level of detail and clarity.

Along with being a stunningly beautiful wood, Cocobolo characteristically has powerful low overtones resulting in a complex bottom end. The overall effect is also a bell like tone with clear, slowdecaying harmonics. Fast and responsive, it articulate with ample note distinction and a rich low end.

This pre owned custom guitar is in mint condition and features Cocobolo binding on the fretboard, peghead, and body as well as a Cocobolo peghead veneer.   

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Huss and Dalton TD R