Huss and Dalton TD R Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce and Bubinga Pre-Owned 2015 ID-10790

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Nut Width:
1 23/32"
Thermo-Cured Adirondack Red Spruce

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Huss and Dalton TD R Custom Pre-Owned 2015

One of their Limited 20th Anniversary models, this gorgeous instrument features custom Bubinga back and sides that when coupled with the custom Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce, brings a significant amount of sweet, crisp, and bright tone. Each note carries with complexity and richness.  And as we know, the Thermo-Cured top has the volume dialed in a "11+"... its one of the loudest, open dreadnoughts you will ever play. We often have folks driving from several states away to bring their vintage dreadnoughts to compare with this bad boy.

Bubinga has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and produces a well balanced tone on all registers with a quick response. Similar to a good set of Mahogany in hardness, with some attributes of a Rosewood, the bass notes are very round and the mid ranges excel.  Sound like Brazilian to you?

The topwood on this guitar is Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce, one of the most aggressive and powerful top woods available. The commercial version of this process, known as, “thermo curing”, “wood torrefication” or “roasting”, makes this a popular choice for flat
pickers. This provides virtually unlimited headroom when played hard, perfect for heavy handed bluegrass players who are competing with louder string band instruments like banjos and fiddles.

Included in the 20th Anniversary option are the stunning, yet subtle Cocobolo body bindings, fretboard bindings and headstock bindings against the offset white purfle lines. Touching the ebony fingerboard, the 1 piece Cocobolo rosette rounds out the classy details to this stunning machine. 

This beautiful anniversary model was added to one of our clients large collection, and seldom played. It is in Excellent Condition with no wear to mention, a true 'case queen', and a great value considering the original list price was near $7k.

Includes original Huss & Dalton Tweed TKL Hardshell Case, and the chance to own a true limited edition!

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