Huss and Dalton TOM R Custom Adirondack & Brazilian Rosewood Pre-Owned 2009 ID-12720

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Adirondack Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood

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Huss and Dalton TOM-R Custom

This custom Huss and Dalton TOM-R combines Adirondack Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood. Traditional flat top construction, Gurian, Ebony bindings, MOP Dot fingerboard inlay pattern, a squared peghead with Open Gear nickel Waverly tuning machines and a Modified V Shape neck profile.

Balanced, crisp tone, and responsiveness is the name of the game here; all with Huss & Dalton's trademark "bell-like ring" they have become known for. This guitar is especially suited for fingerstyle players or players with a lighter attack, though this guitar sounds great when moderately flatpicked as well. The even response and airy, shimmery qualities are characteristic of a Huss and Dalton TOM-R, and this one captures that to perfection.

Huss and Dalton applies the same building style to their OMs as they do their standard dreadnoughts. The top is built with a 25' radius. A positive by product of the radiused soundboard design, besides its load bearing properties, is a boost in the mid-range without overpowering the bass and trebles. This is design function is showcased in this guitar - boasting unsurpassed tonal balance.

The Adirondack top is braced with hand split Adirondack Red Spruce, as are all of Huss and Dalton's guitars. Adirondack bracing is a stiffer bracing material and ensures a more responsive and lively top due to a more efficient transfer of energy. You can play this guitar with any Banjo or Mandolin and still hold your own.  Our Bluegrass friends looking for a more comfortable companion to their dreadnoughts love these TOM R guitars.

Brazilian Rosewood is an extremely rare tonewood with deep bass and brilliant trebles that was used on the famous vintage guitars we have all grown to love. An international trade embargo on Brazilian rosewood products guarantees that the relatively few sets remaining in this country will continue to spiral in price as the supply dwindles. Brazilian brings remarkable darkness, depth, and warmth; while exhibiting glorious overtones across the entire tonal spectrum.

As Brazilian Rosewood is in short supply and no one really knows how much will be available in the years to come, this is an instrument that is sure to climb in rarity and value.

This Pre-Owned Instrument is in Good Condition w/ a light crack on the butt that cant' go much father because it stops at the Wedge/Binding (see pictures). Besides that there are very light scratches on the back, and a light scratch on the underside.

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