Inside Collings Mandolins

If you've ever wondered about the delicate process Collings Mandolins, don't miss this video. Watching the woodcarving and craftsmanship that goes into to one of these mandolins is fascinating.

According to the great mandolinist Kym Warner, one of the most important challenges a musician faces is to "find an instrument that inspires you to want to pick it up and play it." This short documentary film takes an inside look at the art of crafting fine mandolins at Collings Guitars,
providing a unique perspective on the instrument and what it takes to build them at a consistently high level of quality. Bill Collings saw making mandolins as fine as his guitars as a challange, and it was a challenge that he definitely rose to.

Hand-crafted in Austin, TX, Collings mandolins are built with finest seasoned spruce and eastern maple. With equal emphasis placed on tone, "fit and finish" and playability, Collings strives to create a new benchmark of quality in mandolins. Collings offers f-hole and oval hole mandolins at avariety of different wood and appointment levels. Their vision was inspired by instruments of the ealry 1900's mandolins.

Take a look at some of our Collings Mandolins

Collings Mandolins