Janis Ian Collection Kevin Ryan Guitars Mission Grand Concert w/ Cedar & Koa Pre-Owned 1996 ID-13179

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Kevin Ryan Guitars

The seed for Ryan Guitars was planted at Christmastime in Southern California. 1984. Kevin Ryan—an Ohio-born cabinet maker and furniture designer—had recently taken a job in the thriving California aerospace industry, designing fighter jet models for transonic wind tunnel testing.

For the first few years Kevin was building guitars, it seemed like he was putting in 100 hours of work every week. He’d work days at the wind tunnel, constructing scale prototypes of emerging aircraft designs, then hurry home, have dinner, and spend long evenings constructing his first guitars. As the worlds of aerospace engineering and guitar-making converged, Kevin would consult colleagues on the most advanced ways to ensure the strength and responsiveness of the guitar body. Engineers normally tasked with outlining strength-to-weight ratios for stealth bomber wings were giving input on the design of guitar bracing systems, bridge design, and neck placement. Kevin Ryan’s dreaming and collaboration with his aerospace colleagues first coalesced in 1987 with the first production model Ryan Guitar: A fingerstyle, OM/OOO-style guitar with a powerful acoustic voice, the Mission Grand Concert.

This Beautiful Mission Grand Concert is a career guitar made from the finest woods in the finest fashion that guitar building has ever seen. A Cedar top w/ Koa back and sides is a tonewood combination that is great for any style of playing from fingerstyle to flatpicking, this instrument will cover all of your bases.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Good Condition w/ light dings and scratches throughout the front and back of the guitar.

All proceeds of this sale go towards The Pearl Foundation.

"The Pearl Foundation(named after Janis Ian's mother, Pearl) is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charitable foundation.  It was formed after the Janis Ian Online Auction, through which Janis and her fans raised over $73,000 to fund college scholarships for returning students.  That money was used immediately to fund a perpetual scholarship at Goddard College, Pearl's alma mater.  Shortly after, Janis and her partner Pat formed the Pearl Foundation, in order to continue the spirit of hope and charity that imbued the online auction."