John How Model 14 Grand Concert Spruce & Mahogany w K&K Pure Mini Pre-Owned 2010 ID-13233

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John How Grand Concert

John How guitars makes a line of small to medium sized guitars using two styles of bracing. X-bracing gives a nice full sounding tone that most people are familiar with. Ladder bracing allows the guitar to vibrate in a slightly different way that gives a boost to the midrange of the guitar register and also lets the guitar project better. This 2010 John How is X Braced.

This is a wonderful John How Grand Concert 14-fret Grand Concert guitar. When asked about size John How Said: "the guitar is unique in that it was called the Model 14 and was the only one I did. It is basically the same size as my grand concert (though may not be exactly the same shape but similar) but is a 14 fretter."

This small body guitar which packs a serious punch, with killer volume and presence - easily acting as a dreadnought alternative. It has a superb balance and clarity, each note stands out in chordal accompaniment, as well as lead lines.

The Spruce top adds a tremendous amount of headroom, crisp trebles, and gut-punching mids. It takes to a flatpick beautifully, but sings with bare fingers as well. You know the feeling when you're holding that guitar and the chords feel just right? that is THIS guitar!

The Mahogany back and sides are perfect for players who find rosewood too boomy. Lead players will appreciate the enhanced note definition and clarity, especially through the midrange frequencies.

It is beautifully detailed, with B/W/B/W/B purfling, Ivoroid body binding, rosewood fretboard and peghead overlay, a pyramid bridge and simple ring rosette.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Good Condition w/ light scratches throughout the entire guitar, the middle seam is seperated but stable(see photos) & There are some noticable dings in the top, back, and sides w/ 1 on the neck. The Heel Cap is also lifting.

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John How GC