Kathy Wingert Model E Guitar Italian Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood Pre-Owned 2004 ID-11525

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Nut Width:
1 13/16″
Italian Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood

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Kathy Wingert

The Model E Grand Concert is an evenly balanced guitar with a wonderful combination of fundamental and overtones, singing trebles, and a focused bass.

The Model E is designed with comfort and bass response in mind. Kathy Wingert is known for building guitars with big, fat, resonant trebles and round warm bass. The body length is the same as a dreadnought, but with a smaller 15-inch lower bout. The waist is long and lean which allows the player’s arm to go over a narrower part of the body.

Equally at home in the hands of both fingerstyle players and flatpickers, tall players as well as small, this is my most popular model. The Model E Grand Concert is Kathy's personal favorite.

The Italian Spruce top  brings the guitar balance and warmth, and when coupled with Brazilian Rosewood brings the guitar strong fundamentals, a lightning quick response, crisp trebles, and virtually unlimited headroom.

Brazilian Rosewood is an extremely rare tonewood with deep bass and brilliant trebles that was used on the famous vintage guitars we have all grown to love. An international trade embargo on Brazilian rosewood products guarantees that the relatively few sets remaining in this country will continue to spiral in price as the supply dwindles.

Brazilian brings remarkable darkness, depth, and warmth; while exhibiting glorious overtones across the entire tonal spectrum. As Brazilian Rosewood is in short supply and no one really knows how much will be available in the years to come, this is an instrument that is sure to climb in rarity and value.

Brazilian Rosewood is a versatile tonewood, which has contributed to its popularity. One can fingerpick it, strum it and flatpick it.  It's very consistent, so players can usually rely on it to deliver. It offers lush overtones with a dry, warm, and woody sound.

This instrument is in Great Condition with a few things to note. There have been two very minimal and small cracks on the back of the guitar on the upper bout on the bass side. Both have had a pro repair. The bridge has also been reglued. There are light surface scratches on the top, back, and sides as well as some lacquer lifting around the G string post on the peghead.

Includes Hardshell Case.

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