K&K Ultrapure Preamp Combination w/ Pure Mini Pickup ID-12663

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UltraPure Preamp-Redesigned for 2015

K&K's UltraPure Preamp has been a popular complement to the award-winning Pure Pickup for many years. However, their customers told them they wanted a sleeker models with fully accessible soundhole controls. And they listened!

The newly designed UltraPure Preamp features +/-20 db bass/low, K&K's proprietary wide band midrange, and treble/high controls, plus internal gain trimmer. The addition of a phase switch is one of the most important tools for live sound amplification. Also includes a volume control and low battery indicator. All features are easily accessed at the soundhole.

View the exact preamp measurements in the photos to determine if the UltraPure Preamp fits inside your guitar.