Lebeda Basic Resonator Guitar Laminated Birch with Brownburst Finish Pre-Owned ID-11264

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24 3/4"
Nut Width:
1 7/8"
Laminate Birch
Laminate Birch (Maple Sides)

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Lebeda Basic Square Neck Resonator Guitar

Lebeda Basic Square Neck Resonator Guitar, this hand built instrument is beautiful, effortless to play, and produces a very clear, bell like, tone quality. It compares very favorably in quality and tone with much higher priced resonator guitars. Interestingly, this instrument is hand built by Jiri Lebeda in the birthplace of the Dopyera brothers, who invented the original Dobros.

The overall design follows the original 1920s design, but with a few changes more in keeping with top of the line resonator guitars being built in the 21st century.

Jiri Lebeda is a very well-known mandolin maker. His dobros are entirely handmade and have the same attention to detail as his mandolins. This particular model as a Laminate Birch top. The cone is handmade/hand spun by Jiri. The construction uses sound posts in the style of Scheerhorn.

This guitar has great projection and clarity. Jiri Lebeda is know to use some of the finest domestic tonewoods available. All Lebeda instruments are voiced to provide maximum volume by emphasizing rich mid tones that cut through the mix.

The Lebeda Resonator Guitar has good volume, a rich bass and a very sweet tone up the neck. At this price, these hand crafted resonator guitars are excellent! The Lebeda Square Neck Resonator Guitar is an excellent value in this price range.

If you are looking for a great dobro at a great price this would be ideal. This is a top notch instrument and could be just the guitar that you've been missing.

This instrument is in Good Condition with some light surface scratches on the top, back, sides and neck. Most of this is on the side of the guitar. There is also some light pitting and scratches on the cover plate and wear around the sound post. We have attempted to capture these in the photos posted below.

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