LR Baggs Gigpro Acoustic DI Preamp ID-5363

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LR Baggs Gigpro Acoustic DI Preamp

The LR Baggs Gigpro is a single-channel belt-clip preamp that will work with most pickups. It also provides 9v phantom power for mini-mics and other phantom-powered onboard electronics. Based on the Para D.I.'s award-winning circuitry, we have pared the features down to the essentials -- nevertheless, it has everything necessary to get the best possible sound from your pickup. For example, the two-band EQ and variable low cut is amazingly flexible and intuitive to use.


• All- discrete class A circuitry for sweet, transparent sound
• Entirely passive EQ circuitry adds no distortion to maintain
• Adjustable input gain allows the best performance and lowest
noise with a variety of pickups
• Lightweight, compact and belt-clip ready: Ideal for wireless
• Controls include treble and bass, phase inversion and a low cut
trim control, adjustable from 27Hz to 200Hz
• Battery status LED
• Super quiet -90dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
• 300+ hours of playtime on a single 9V battery


• Size: 4.75" x†2.85" x 1.25"
• Weight: 6.6 oz w/battery
• Battery Type: Single 9V
• Power Consumption: 1.6mA, 1.5mA w/Remote
• Battery Life: > 300 Hours (alkaline)
• Class: Pure Class A
• EQ: Passive
• Treb: ± 6dB @ 7kHz
• Bass: ± 6dB @ 80Hz
• Low Cut: 12dB/oct.
• Adjustable: 27Hz to 200 Hz
• Gain (with flat EQ): +6dB to +28dB
• Signal-to-noise: -90dB, 27Hz-20kH
• Input Impedance: 10 Megohms
• Output Impedance: 800 Ohms

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