LR Baggs iMix Acoustic Guitar Pickup System with Blending Preamp ID-4848

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LR Baggs iMix Acoustic Guitar Pickup System with Blending Preamp

The LR Baggs iMix pairs the iBeam and Element with a miniature all-discrete class A FET preamp / stereo mixer. With acclaimed fidelity of the iBeam and the presence and feedback resistance of the Element, the versatile iMix is ideal for any venue.

With it's adjustable mid contour controls for both the iBeam and Element, and low cut for the iBeam, a dialed-in sound is available for any guitar. Our exclusive soundhole-mounted dual controller, the Remote Control II is a big advantage for stage use. It attaches non-destructively to the underside of the soundhole, and puts master volume and mix controls at your fingertips.

Expand your versatility and tonal range by combining two sources in one system. Capturing the guitar with the strengths of two sources empowers you to dial in a more complex sound and provides versatility for a better quality performance in a variety of environments.


  • Perfect solution if you don't want to cut your prized guitar for onboard preamp, or haul around a bunch of outboard gear.
  • Switchable mono mix or stereo.
  • Variable iBeam low cut for optimum bass response.
  • Battery bag battery storage.
  • Mixes iBeam with M1 pickup too. 

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LR Baggs iMix