The Maton Case is the result of almost three years of research and development, testing and refinement. Engaging the services of world class industrial design studio Cobalt Design, Maton set out to create a case that goes far beyond what has become accepted as standard in today’s market.

Every detail has been considered, every component tested, to ensure the best performance possible from a guitar case. Comprised of 48 individual parts, the Maton case has been designed to carry the force of impact away from the most vulnerable areas of the instrument.

By absorbing the force within the case itself through the use of high performance materials, the internal structure acts much like the technology employed in today’s motor vehicles, cushioning the guitar, ensuring a softer landing and improving the chance of avoiding significant damage.While the outer shell retains the same compact and sleek dimensions across the range, the internal components are engineered to perfectly accommodate each body shape, no matter which Maton Guitar you own.

Design Features.

Internal Soft lIning designed specifically to fit your Maton, securing guitar at the strongest points of the upper and lower bout. Soft Cushion Buffer Zones

Ridges near the head of the guitar case create Cross-sectional strength as well as Sliding rails for general use.

Around the Perimeter of the lid and the base, there is a bevelled chamfered edge to prevent it from catching on different surfaces.

Side stays near the hinge protect the hinges from general wear and tear but also allow the case to stand stable on the side.

Hinges are flush with the case surface, minimising the potential for damage.

Handle Positioned directly above the centre of gravity to make it easier to carry

Latches are positioned away from high-risk areas that are closest to the other shell, upper and lower bout, the strap nut

3 Oversize latches, much more durable and less prone to misalignment.

Outer Shell

Made fromHigh-Density Polyethylene less likely to crack than ABS

Internal Layer of Rigid polyurethane foam,

Highly Chemical resistant

Great for Durability during impacts

Less prone to cracking

Performs well at High and Low temperatures

The outer shell is supported by the high-density Rigid polyurethane inside.

During Manufacture High-Density Rigid Polythene is injected into the shell, creating a laminate structure, stronger than the sum of its parts.

Internal Features

Cushioning Zones cradle the guitar at the instruments strongest points,

Clearance zones around the instrument which are the points most prone to Damage.

E.Q Headstock, bridge, Jack Input, Face

Internal layers

EVA - 4mm Soft closed cell foam, impervious to water, upholstered with a short haired black velvet.