Maton Custom Shop 808 with Sitka and Figured Satin Box ID-8053

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Nut Width:
1 47/64"
"AAA" Select" Grade Solid Sitka Spruce
Figured Satin Box

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Maton Custom Shop 808 with Sitka and Figured Satin Box

Designed as a tribute to the Maton founder, Bill May and to bring the best of Maton's heritage and their guitar making skills together, the W.A. May is a guitar for the connoisseur. Satin Box (in our opinion the best tone wood available) back and sides combine with a Blackwood neck and AAA spruce face to produce a huge sounding dreadnought guitar. Add to that the unique Maton Custom Shop voicing and craftsmanship and you have a guitar worthy of the name W.A. May. This Custom Maton is a can't miss!

Satin Box is a small tree which is often found as a companion plant to Victorian Blackwood.

It is a striking blonde color and has amazing tonal properties. Satin Box is extremely stiff and produces a sound comparable to Brazilian

Rosewood (often referred to as the ultimate acoustic guitar tonewood but now endangered). It is rare to find a Satin Box tree large enough to yield a guitar back and side set so we reserve the use of this beautiful tonewood for very special guitars.

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