McPherson MG 4.0 XP Pre-Owned 2008 ID-13407

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25 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Port Orford Cedar
East Indian Rosewood
In Stock

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McPherson MG 4.0 XP

More than three decades ago, McPherson revolutionized the acoustic guitar world by introducing their “Offset Soundhole Technology.” This innovative design increases the total flexible surface area on the central part of the instrument. This allows the surface under the strings to resonate more and brings the sound closer to the player’s ears, making it louder and more pleasing to the player.

The elliptical shape, size, and location of the McPherson soundhole is the result of exhaustive testing. By moving the soundhole to a very specific and crucial position on the face of the guitar, McPherson allows vibrations from the bridge to travel directly across a longer unencumbered soundboard, increasing sustain and resonance. If you look closely, you will see that the fretboard on the McPherson is not connected/glued onto the top of the guitar. This cantilevered design allows the top to vibrate and resonate to its fullest potential. Inside the neck is a triangulated system which stabilizes the neck and eliminates the need for adjustment.

Bracing is another McPherson claim to fame. They use a series of laminated braces that minimize the connection to the underside of the top, thereby maximizing top vibration and resonance. The braces are allowed to vibrate independently by arching over or under the intersecting points on the top. Side braces are aligned with both the top and back braces to mechanically channel these vibrations around the entire body of the guitar.

This McPherson has an incredibly balanced tone with lots of volume thanks to the Port Orford Cedar top.  Chords sound perfectly balanced when played on this guitar, the notes blend together and create a lush texture that sounds remarkably pleasant.  Each chord tends to take on it's own voice, as opposed to hearing 6 distinct notes ringing.  Bass notes are rich and full.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Very Good Condition w/ some light dings in the top(see photos) and some scratches on the clear pickguard.

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McPherson MG