Memphis Guitar Spa Modified Fender '51 Telecaster Bass "White Falcon" Pre-Owned 2015 ID-13536

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Memphis Guitar Spa Modified Fender 51' Tele Bass

This is a custom modded bass done by the The Memphis Guitar Spa in Memphis, TN. The Memphis Guitar Spa is a custom build shop, they also do finish work and inlay for other well known builders. This modded Fender Tele bass plays and sounds like a bass player's dream come true instrument all in an affordable package!

The body and neck are certified and licensed Fender. One piece maple neck. 100% hand rubbed nitrocellulose finish. Hand laminated double black and checkerboard binding like the old Ric 660/12's, hand cut custom pickguard in B/W/B, solid white nitro finish with matching neck, Jason Lollar hand-wound vintage p-bass pickup, CTS pots, Sprague Orange Drop capacitor, electrosocket jack cup, switchcraft jack, heavy knurl knobs, hipshot string through adjustable bridge, and matching gold Hipshot reissue lollipop tuning machines.

This is an amazing sounding bass, and its looks will turn heads. The Jason lollar pickup is one of the punchiest bass pickups we've ever heard, and provides a ton of power for being just a passive pickup!

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Good Condition w/ many dings and imperfections throughout the finish of the guitar(see the many photos) The bottom side of the guitar(on each side of the endpin) there are "Stand Rashes" from where the guitar sat on a stand for a long time. There is also some light chipping of finish off the fretboard right where it reaches the body(probably where someone was trying to adjust the truss rod). There is more wear and tear up near the base of the headstock, and light scratches and dings throughout the whole body.