Mesa Boogie Mark III Blue Stripe Simul-Class Pre-Owned 1987 ID-12791

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Mesa Boogie Mark III


The Mark III was launched by Mesa/Boogie in 1985. It introduced a third channel, a "crunch" rhythm sound right in between the rhythm and lead channels. This amp has a dual footswitch system: one footswitch alternates between the current rhythm mode and the lead mode, and the other selects either the clean rhythm mode or the crunch rhythm mode. The two rhythm modes share all of their controls, while the lead mode only shares the rhythm modes' tone stack, featuring independent gain and master volume controls. The physical switch for the crunch rhythm mode was implemented as a push/pull switch above the Middle frequency control. Most Mark IIIs have presence and reverb on the back (except for long chassis') unless not desired by the buyer; Graphic EQ was also optional all in either head or combo format.

The Mark III went through multiple revisions, similar to the Mark II. Each revision had a slightly different voicing, but identical functionality. Non-Simulclass versions of the Mark III came in either 60w RMS with two 6L6s or 60w/100w with four 6L6s in the power section. Mark IIIs contain either four or five 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp section, depending on if they have the reverb option. Simul-class Mark IIIs usually contain two 6L6s in the inner sockets and two EL34s in the outer sockets for 15w/75w use.

This Version is the Blue Stripe, the fourth revision Mark III which featured a blue marker stripe above the power cord. The amplifier was voiced so brightly, it is considered to be the most aggressive Mark Series Boogie ever introduced. The power amp was also altered to mirror that of the IIC+.

This Pre-Owned Amp is in Good condition, and works perfectly, but the cabinet itself has seen some wear and tear.