Morris Guitars Grand Auditorium Model S-107 iii ID-13073

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25 2/3"
Nut Width:
American Red Cedar
Indian Rosewood
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The Morris S Series top is constructed with their original "XX bracing" Top pattern. By diffusing the positions of the bracing peaks, they are able to distribute the string vibrations from the bridge to the top with better balance, creating fantastically rich sounds that sustain well throughout the register, from the lowest to highest notes.

This is complimented by their unique "X Braced" back, which has a compound radius. Back braces are normally positioned perpendicular to the strings, reducing some vibration. To eliminate this effect while maintaining the flexibility of the wood, Morris employs a similar "diffused" "X Bracing" structure on the round back, allowing it to vibrate like the top, providing a complete, rich, rounded sound.

A gently arching back successfully enhances overall musical quality, yielding real differences in increased volume, powerful sound, and longer sustains. This featured "Round Back" is rounded both vertically and horizontally, providing a sound unique to Morris guitars.

The Morris "S" model guitars are handcrafted in Nagano, Japan, where the Moridaira luthiers have been building guitars for more than 50 years.  Their design elements clearly favor fingerstyle playing, the most coveted style of acoustic guitar playing in Japan.

This Morris S-107iii model Grand Auditorium features a North American Red Cedar top, over East Indian Rosewood back & sides.  This guitar has factory installed electronics with B-Band under saddle transducer & preamp.