National B Series NRP 14 Fret Guitar Black Rust Deluxe ID-12868

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National B Series NRP

The National B Series NRP 14 Fret Black Rust Deluxe looks like it just came out of the swamp, perfectly suited for those hot southern blues licks. This National features the new color, Black Rust, and each finish is unique. Nationals have been played by many blues legends, but they definitely were not playing one with a finish like this. No two of the Black Rust finishes are alike.  The best part is, you don't have to wait 50 years for a vintage finish, you can have one right now!

This model is a 14 fret version of the Black Rust series. Each Black Rust instrument is finished with a multi-staged hand-textured finish for an individual look and semi-smooth surface profile. Capturing the look and feel of an original 14 fret National Duolian, the thin-gauge steel body is highlighted by stamped "f" holes, a formed back, and period-correct, traditional ribbed coverplate. Each mahogany neck clears 14 frets to the body and features an unbound ebony fretboard complete with mother of pearl position markers. Vintage style plain tuners, ebony nut, and "National" stamped headstock complete the look of this classic.

This instrument features a Single Jason Lollar Charlie Christian Pickup. Charlie Christian style single blade pickup. Fits into standard sized humbucker route. Built with traditional Gibson style braided shield single conductor wire. Top surface is textured satin black. Both the humbucker-sized surround and the blade are nickel plated.

With the ebony fretboard and the ebony nut, notes practically jump of the fretboard and chase that hell-hound on your trail down. Classic blues fingerpicking sounds like it is coming from a porch in Mississippi on a hot summer evening. Additionally, the NRP B Series Deluxe features a unique Black Rust Theme. Authentic in it's tone and in it's appearance, the Black Rust NRP drives itself to the Delta!

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National B Series NRP