National NRP Concert Ukulele Vintage Steel with Nickel Finish Pre-Owned 2014 ID-10679

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National NRP Concert Ukulele Vintage Steek with Nickel Finish Pre-Owned 2014

National NRP Concert Ukulele's are hands down the loudest Ukes in the shop. The 5 7/8" resonator cone significantly amplifies the instrument complimenting the mahogany perfectly. This National NRP Ukulele features an all steel body that provides this concert Uke with a tone that is round, full, warm and loud! The neck is made of mahogany with an unbound rosewood fingerboard.

The Steel Body on this National NRP Ukulele has a rubbed nickel finish. The rubbed finish is desirable for two reasons... It not only sports a handsome vintage look, it also conveniently doesn't show fingerprints. For years we have ordered this finish as an option on otherwise highly polished nickel finishes, and it looks good and wears well.

When you pick up a National resonator ukulele and begin playing, you can instantly see the reasons why players prefer Nationals over any other brand of resonator ukulele.The volume and tone delivered by this ukulele almost sounds like it has it’s own rhythm section built in. Even the simplest rhythm passages take on a supercharged quality with this unique uke.

This National NRP Concert Ukulele Pre-Owned 2014 is in Excellent + Condition with no wear to mention.

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National NRP Concert Ukulele