National ResoPhonic Custom Style O 14 Replicon Steel Body Aged Finish Pre-Owned 2010 ID-11839

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National ResoPhonic Style Custom O 14 Replicon

This National ResoPhonic Style 0 14 is a fine guitar. It could be just what your collection has been missing. Due, in part, to Mark Knopfler's use of the instrument on many Dire Straits records; this is the one most people imagine when they think of the famed National namesake. The iconic National ResoPhonic Style O produced in the 1930's has come back. It has all the original charm, and new modern touches.

National's reproduction Style O 14 Fret meets the demands of players needing easier access to the higher frets. Based on the original 1937 model, the hard rock maple neck clears 14 frets to the body.

There is no doubt the talented team at National ResoPhonic Guitars are producing some of the finest resophonic guitars today. At the modern day factory in San Luis Obispo, California, National passionately recreates the classic designs from the 1920s to the 1950s, hand crafting each one by hand.

This instrument is in Excellent Condition aside from the Obvious " Replicon" Finish.

Includes Original Hardshell Case.

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