National ResoPhonic El Trovador Wood Body Single Cone Pre-Owned 2013 ID-12365

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25 21/32"
Nut Width:
1 3/4

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National ResoPhonic El Trovador Wood Body Single Cone

The famous National ResoPhonic El Trovador was produced by the National Stringed Instrument Corp. It was the highest quality wood body guitar that National ever made. These guitar bodies were slightly larger than the traditional proportioned National guitars. 

Designed in collaboration with Mike Dowling, this single cone guitar is patterned after the famous El Trovador produced from 1932-1933.

Similar to its predecessor, National’s El Trovador guitar features a large, deep body constructed of mahogany. The body is bound in multi-layer celluloid, with a matching purfling border around the coverplate.

A wood soundwell houses the resonator. An ebony fretboard is mated to a solid mahogany neck, capped with a rosewood fretboard overlay. The El Trovador’s unique voice makes it one of National’s most popular wood body guitars and a shop favorite, time and time again.

The tone of the El Trovador is much larger and fuller than the other wood body Nationals, thanks to the deeper body.  When compared to the metal bodied Nationals, the wood bodies are much warmer with a bit more controlled reverberation.

This Pre Owned Guitar is in good condition with light scratches throughout the body and some uneven finish on the underneath side due to playing time.

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National ResoPhonic El Trovador