National ResoPhonic M 1 Tricone Mahogany Pre-Owned 2017 ID-13707

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25 21/32"
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National ResoPhonic M 1 Tricone Mahogany

We’ve told you before that the National Resophonic M 1 model is one of our shop favorites, and time and time again it remains true.  This instrument features laminated mahogany body construction, highlighted by a sturdy wood soundwell and hand-painted steel cover-plate.

The M-1 combines the unmistakable sound of a Tricone with the warmth of a wood-body. Outfitted with alloy cones and aluminum T-bridge, we believe this instrument to be quite versatile.

The tricone design gives increased sustain without sacrificing any volume; ideal for
slide and open tunings. A wood tricone resonator brings sweet, harmonically rich overtones with an unbelievable bottom end. They are warm and mellow – great for fingerpicking – the 3 cones give you plenty of volume. However, it really sings with a slide.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ only 1 small shiny spot in the finish underneath the strings & some very light dings on the neck.

Includes Original Hardshell Case.

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