National ResoPhonic Radio Tone Pre-Owned 1994 ID-10687

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Laminate Maple
Laminate Maple

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National ResoPhonic Radio Tone

National ResoPhonic Radio Tone Pre-Owned 1994

National is known for building a variety of instruments, ranging in price and decoration from simple wood bodied guitars, to fully engraved brass beauties. This is the now discontinued Radio Tone acoustic.

The laminate maple construction of the National ResoPhonic Radio Tone appealed to many buyers not only for its price, but also for its ability to have a wide variety of sounds. The cutaway or “Bendaway” was to the model years later.

The wood (maple laminate) bodied guitars from National have always provided a certain warmth and response that you simply cannot get from a metal-bodied guitar. The bass response is always present, the midrange has gorgeous growl when played with slide, and the trebles will round and full.

As they say; “It’s in the Cone!” When you are looking to get into the world of Resonator instruments, only a National will do!!

This National ResoPhonic Radio Tone Pre-Owned 1994 is in Excellent Condition with a few things to mention. There is some slight arm rub on the shoulder of the guitar as well as a few light surface scratches on the back of the guitar near the center. The action of this guitar is set up a four/thirty seconds of an inch. This makes for ease of play when playing slide or fretting for chords. There is also a light scratch on the peghead of the guitar. We have attempted to capture these in the detailed photos we have posted below.

Don't miss your chance to add this rare precursor to the RadioTone Bendaway to your collection!

Includes Hardshell Case.

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