National ResoPhonic Style 1 Tricone Guitar Cutaway Pre-Owned 2017 ID-13673

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National ResoPhonic Style 1 Tricone Guitar Cutaway

The National ResoPhonic Style 1 Tricone shares many of its features with the original National Tricone created by the Dopyera brothers in the late 1920s. This beauty has, as John Dopera himself once said, Tone that flows like a river.

The tricone design is perfect for players who focus on open tunings and slide. The beauty of the design is the increased sustain without sacrificing any volume. Classic players like Tampa Red heavily relied on the original National Tricone, and he would be pleased to have this one in his hands.

In a Tricone instrument, the three cones are set in a triangle configuration. Two of the cones are on the bass side and one on the treble. An innovative "T" shaped bridge connects to the center of each cone, which in turn has a maple saddle sitting atop the bridge. In a single resonator guitar, the maple biscuit sits atop the cone and the strings are in direct contact with the cone.

On a Tricone the sound is spread out between the cones and contributes to it's unique sound. A Tricone is not as loud on the attack as a single cone, however the sustain is greater and the tone can be defined as "sweeter". The three cones vibrate together and produce more
harmonics overall than a single cone.

The brass body is polished to a mirror-like shine and nickel plated. The tone of brass is unmatched – that’s why it has been used for decades. The mahogany neck, finished in a rich mahogany burst, has an ivoroid bound ebony fingerboard. The vintage-style National tuning machines sit on a traditional slotted headstock, finished with the distinctive National shield decal.

Don't miss the chance to add this National to your collection.

This Pre-Owned National is in Excellent Condition w/ only some light towel marks on the top and back.

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