National ResoPhonic Style O 12 fret Guitar with Hot Plate Pre-Owned 2002 ID-10869

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National ResoPhonic Style O 12 Fret Etched Hawaiian Scene

This National ResoPhonic Style O could be just what your collection has been missing. Reproduced to the utmost detail, this iconic National ResoPhonic Style O guitar has all the original charm with new and modern touches.

Hand crafted from brass and nickle plated, the Style O became iconic for it's etched Hawaiian scene. Today, it is the most popular National model in our store, and reproduces the iconic swampy blues tone we all dream about.

Please note, this instrument has been customized to be played electrically. Featuring a National Hot Plate cover plate, anyone who enjoys playing slide in overdrive will enjoy the Lollar single coil included. It is truly a perfect addition.

This Pre-Loved 2002 National ResoPhonic Style-O Guitar is in Excellent + Condition. It has light scratches and dull spots on the body, but is otherwise in great condition. We have attempted to capture this in our photo gallery above.

Purchasing this guitar includes the Original Hardshell Case.

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