National ResoPhonic Triolian Polychrome Steel Body 12 Fret Single Cone Resonator Pre-Owned 2016 ID-13114

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1 13/16"
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National ResoPhonic Triolian Polychrome Steel Body 12 Fret Single Cone Resonator Guitar

In 1929, the first steel body National ResoPhonic Triolian was released as a replacement of the original wood body. The use of steel gave players much increased volume and bark - quickly becoming a favored material. It was original offered in two finishes - a walnut sunburst and the polychrome yellow (classified by either a "W" or a "P" at the end of the serial number). From 1929 to 1934, many changes were made to the finish options and details.

The original polychrome finished Triolians featured a hand painted Hawaiian scene stenciled on the back; with a lovely palm tree and warm, red setting sun. The stenciling work was somewhat crude and varied from guitar to guitar. Still, the polychrome finish has been sought after for years by collectors and enthusiasts alike. National Reso-Phonic has certianly done their homework, and this reissue will please any fan of the original.

The Polychrome Triolian is built with a thin-gauge steel body is constructed with flat cut "f" holes, a formed back, and traditional non-ribbed coverplate. The custom maple neck clears 12 frets to the body and features ivoroid binding and traditional engraved tuners

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ only very a light rust spot on the top side.

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National ResoPhonic Triolian